1. Who can participate?

Pilates is great for everyone at different ages and levels of fitness! Pilates is a core strengthening exercise system that is safe.  It also works on stretch, stamina and stability. The importance of a healthy spine is at the center of this program that Joseph Pilates originally called, “Contrology.”

2. What are some of the benefits of Pilates?

The pilates method is a system focused on improving flexibility, strength and balance of a person’s body.  Mr. Pilates developed over 500 exercises using five major pieces of apparatus to develop the entire body uniformly.  Instead of many repetitions of each exercise, Mr. Pilates preferred fewer, more precise movements requiring control and form.  The mind works alongside the body to perform the movements properly, resulting in increased awareness of muscle function and control. Last but not least, the abdomen, lower back and buttocks are supported and strengthened and the body moves more freely.

3. Is an introductory lesson required even if I have done Pilates before?

An introductory lesson is helpful for the teacher to assess a student’s level and specific needs. Introductory lessons are also recommended for those students with prior Pilates experience but who are new to Classical pilates.

4. Can I do Pilates if I am Pregnant?

Regardless of your level or experience please consult with your doctor. Many longtime students have continued their pilates practice well into the last few months of pregnancy with the guidance of their doctor and instructors. If you are entirely new to pilates or have only taken a few classes it is not recommended to begin a program during pregnancy. Again, please seek the advice of your doctor.

5. What if I have a pre-existing health condition or injury?

If you have any current injuries, please obtain doctor or PT approval prior to beginning a pilates class.  Please note any prior or existing injuries in the studio’s health assessment form and inform your instructor as they will work with you on modifying exercises to meet your needs.

6. What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable workout clothing that is not too baggy or loose fitting. Close fitting clothing is preferred to allow instructors to see body alignment and to prevent entanglement with the equipment. Students with long hair should keep it tied back.  For your safety and to help protect our equipment, please do not wear jewelry, watches or clothing with zippers.

7. What is the recommended amount of classes to see results?

Two sessions per week is ideal to complement a student’s weekly fitness regimen and gain the benefits of a classical pilates program.  Twice weekly also enables the student to stay consistent in learning the work and see physical progression in their body.